Building a Dream...

Back in 1984 I saw a magazine with a picture of a Dax Tojeiro on the front cover, up until then my favourite sports car was the Austin Healey 3000, but that magazine changed everything...

That year I went to the Stoneliegh Kit Car show to see what the car looked like in the flesh, I was suitably impressed and arranged a visit to the factory for a test drive and a more detailed look at the way the car was built. This show was a great place to checkout the other Cobra replicas available, most of the manufacturers made a point of attending this venue even if they missed some of the others.

It didn't take long to figure out that the Dax was the best choice for me, some of the other companies didn't present themselves too well, but everybody at D. J. Sportscars had plenty of time to discuss the car. My choice paid off as most of the other manufacturers around at the time have long since gone. I was shown round the factory by Brian Johns (the MD) and his wife Pam went through the details of build options, after which Gary Anderson took me for a very memorable spin in their demonstrator. I'm amazed he's still got his licence! Throughout the build they were all extremely helpful, there was usually some deal or discount available each time I wanted another pack of parts, I always felt like I was their most important customer! even though I'm sure they had people spending loads more than I ever did, I would have no hesitation recommending them to anybody.

For me they are still the No1 Cobra Replica Manufacturer.

Here are some pictures of the build which was finally completed in 1988...

Click to enlarge.

Just after fitting the bodyshell. Soon went off the idea of spraying it metallic red!

Once all of the brightwork had been pre-fitted and removed, the Ford Ivory paint was applied

When the paint had hardened, the brightwork could be refitted.

Almost twelve years on and still going strong.

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